About Arax Chemistry

Company Vision

Our goal is not to be superior to competitors, but to reach the peak. We intend to use the world’s top technology, emphasize the principle of customer orientation, observe professional ethics, fulfill commitments on time, take advantage of elite and efficient human capital. The company is a pioneer in the field of production and export and is known as one of the best in the Middle East.
We believe that with a special focus on quality products in the world and while maintaining the company’s position in terms of superior technology of production equipment, by developing the product portfolio and understanding the needs of customers, we can play a leading role in national and international markets. The company values ​​human honesty and dignity and strives to develop new ideas.

Equipped with appropriate technical knowledge and technology of production and quality packaging, the export of goods to the applicant countries in the world will also look forward.
Finally, we try to identify and understand the needs of customers, using the latest technology and new solutions to be able to respond to the needs of customers and the market in the shortest time and in the best way.
Therefore, by acquiring the best consultants in technical and systemic affairs, this company has prepared the ground for growth and prosperity and hopes to be able to follow the path of growth and excellence with coherent and correct strategic planning.

About Araxochemistry

Arax Shimi Industrial Group is a major producer of 98% flak with more than two decades of continuous and dynamic activity in the field of trade, production of caustic soda, import and export of chemicals.
Arax Chemistry operates as a private company in the field of production of perk profit in a leading and knowledge-based level.
Its movement process is based on a correct management approach in such a way that all processes are followed by the synergy of knowledge and experience based on a systematic, uniform and coordinated thinking.
The company annually produces thousands of tons of caustic soda in accordance with international standards and sends it to domestic and foreign markets.

caustic soda
Exports of Araxochemistry

Perk Sood in Arax Shimi Company is produced using a new production line and using liquid soda production as the latest technology in the world and with membrane electrolyzers and in a completely principled way and does not have any mercury impurities, which is a very important advantage for Arax Shimi Company is considered and using modern laboratories and experienced manpower in order to meet the needs of domestic industries and with the aim of exporting to different countries.
Therefore, relying on the high quality of its product, by exporting shipments to Far East countries, Middle East countries, Asian countries, Latin American countries, Turkey, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Georgia, Lebanon, Syria , Dubai and the UAE have raised the flag of honor of Iran.
Caustic soda Arax Shimi is exported to different countries by performing the customs affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Success factor

Relying on expertise, commitment and using the most modern equipment and superior technology and in accordance with the analysis and without any mercury impurities and being purer and its many years of experience in successful delivery of orders to more than thousands of customers and providing expected services Customers have created a brilliant history of their activity and today it shines as a prominent company in its field of activity.