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ARAX CHEMISTRY INDUSTRIAL GROUP offers its own product with the general and specialized each kind of analysis base on customers’ needs


ARAX CHEMISTRY INDUSTRIAL GROUP According to the sensitively of Caustic soda to the moisture use p.p standard packing

Caustic Soda Flakes

sodium hydroxide, commonly known as Caustic soda, is a white Crystal with a melting point of 1390 ° C and a density of 13.2.

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The consumer with the awareness will be able to protect the risks and uses resulting from the use, handling and storage of the wrong material.

Arax Chemi

we are, Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of caustic soda flakes, with high Quality & Standard and modern Packing.

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Arax Chemi Co. supply caustic soda flakes 98% with reasonable and up to date price based on currency fluctuation and Petrochemicals industry

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Taking advantage of the technology of the day and employing skilled manpower for producing caustic soda with high quality and suitable for export


Provide a variety of international shipping methods for the export product (caustic soda) FCA, FOB, CIF, CPT and all customs duties


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