Caustic Soda Packaging

Packaging is one of the most effective tools for marketing and selling products.

packaging can change a good product into a great one. many customers care about product appearance and quality of packaging so much. Therefore, the packaging is a vital marketing strategy in today’s businesses.

Arax Chemistry Industrial Group provides its products with superb quality and Professional packaging for customers by using the best technology in the world.

 The benefits of our packaging:

  • Resistant to water and humidity;
  • Easy transportation with an appropriate size;
  • Preservation of product safety and quality during transportation and storage;
  • Complete Technical explanation on Packaging;

 Arax Chemistry design team considers many factors such as:

product position alongside competitors and their activities, creating visual character commensurate with the purchaser type, guidance on product use,  conservation of  product safety and quality, and easy transportation

Arax Chemistry co. offers its products in the following Packaging:

  • ۲۵ kg. three layers laminated bag
  • ۲۵ kg. metal drums
  • ۱۱۰۰ kg._1500 kg Shrink and strap wrapped pallet
  • ۱۲۵۰ kg. Jumbo bag

Arax Chemistry Packaging

 with one inner plastic layer

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Shrink and Strap wrapped

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 three_layer Laminated Bag

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