soap noodles

soap noodles

The sodium salt of fatty acids which are derived from oils or fats of both animal and vegetable origin is called SOAP NOODLE. It is used in the manufacturing of toilet soap. A typical blend would be the 80/20 standard comprising of 80% palm oil and 20% palm kernel oil or coconut oil. While there are other blends available in the market such as 70:30, 60:40 and 90:10.

It is made from saponification of oil, neutralization of fatty acids and saponification of fatty methyl esters with a total fatty matter (TFM) content of 78%.

In China, soap noodles are made from animal fats (tallow), palm oil or a blend of both

also they are made in southeast Asia, China and India.


Different kinds:

Based on following features we have different kind this material:

  1. Colour – White, creamy, yellowish, brownish and swing.
  2. Solid – usually snow white
  3. and translucent

First one is  Translucent Laundry Soap Noodles
One of uniquely formulated and highly demanded type of noodles used in the production of laundry soap bars. Our noodles were made with the composition of palm fatty acid and palm kernel fatty acids.

The other one is  Laundry Soap Noodles. As many third world countries still prefers washing their cloth by hand. Our laundry soap noodle assists many industries in this markets to formulate cost effective laundry soap bars.

The last one is White Soap Noodles or toilet soap noodle used in cosmetics or  by toilet soap manufacturers worldwide.

  1. 80/20 noodles with TFM 78-81 % min. The noodles are a blend of palm oil/palm stearin and palm kernel oil
  2. 90/10 noodles suitable to manufacture multipurpose soap has Total Fatty Matters of 72% min

We have the blend of 80:20 at the moment which is the most popular one throughout the world.

The Soap Industry has explored several ways to make soaps from different ingredients. Of all these ingredients, oil is highly relevant and carries great importance because it provides a soft and slippery touch in soaps

soap noodles uses


  • It is used in the manufacturing of white soap.
  • You can use palm oil soap noodles as a detergent.
  • Palm oil soap noodles are environment-friendly because it is biologically degradable.
  • It allows you to manufacture conveniently
  • You can use it to get soft skin because it is highly natural

The composition of palm oil soap noodles is natural, so it is a renewable source

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 soap noodles