Soap chips

Specifications of soap chips

Soap chips 80-20 are made from vegetable oils such as palm oil, coconut oil or olive oil or animal fats.
Sodium hydroxide is usually used to form a salt of fatty acids that are widely used in the detergent industry.
Soap chips 80-20 are a very simple form of soap ingredients.
Manufacturers can buy soap chips, then add pigments, fragrances and other ingredients to make their soap.
The soap is molded into its final shape and packaged under the brand name. 


Translation results

Different specifications of soap chips are used depending on the type of soap manufacturer, For example toilet soap, laundry soap, clear soaps, blankets, medicine, and so on. The largest sources of soap are Malaysia and Indonesia (mainly palm oil). Other countries include India, Brazil, southern Europe and the Middle East. Soap powder in the form of soap powder is a little easier than Rebatch than regular cold soap. This material is easy to use and can be used in molds or sculptures by hand.
As shown in Better Homes & Gardens magazine,
Soap powder is prepared before preparation for re-preparation into individual soaps.
In the new instructions section on how to “Rebatch” the chips to the natural soap bar.
Malaysia Soap Chips

Soap Chips 20-80 TFM 78% Minimum Snow White

Soap Chips 10-90 TFM 78% Minimum Snow White

Soap chips 20-80 TFM 75. Minimum snow white

Soap chips 20-80 TFM 72. Minimum snow white