Soda Flakes Packaging

Soda Flakes Packaging

Product packaging is one of the most effective and efficient tools for marketing and selling a product.
Packaging can turn a good product into a great product, because many customers pay a lot of attention to the appearance of the products and the quality of the packages. This plays a very important role in your company’s marketing strategy in today’s business world.

Arax Shimi Industrial Group, using the latest technology in the world, provides its products with professional and quality packages to its customers.

Among the benefits of packaging Arax Shimi products, the following can be mentioned:

Impermeable to water and moisture
Easy to transport goods with proper packaging and size
Maintain the safety and quality of the product during transportation and storage
Full description on product packaging
In designing packages, recognizing the position of the product next to the competitors and their activities, creating a visual personality appropriate to the type of buyer, guiding how to use the product, maintaining the quality and safety of the product, and easy transportation 
It is one of the cases that Arax Shimi Company has considered in the above field.

Types of Soda Flakes Packaging
Laminated three-layer bags

Laminated three-layer bags

Benefits of metal buckets

A layer of plastic inside

The weight of each bucket is 25 kg

Saltper pallet

It has shearing and strapping

The weight of each pallet is 1.5 tons