What is Soda Flakes

Technical specifications of Perk Profit

Technical specifications of Soodperk
Name: Perk Profit
Brand: Caustic Soda
Scientific name: Sodium Hydroxide
Chemical formula: Na-OH
Melting point: 1390 ° C
Density: 2.13
Molecular weight of flake soda: 01/40
Melting point of flake soda: 12 degrees Celsius
Boiling point of flake soda: 140 degrees Celsius
Relative density of flake soda: 53.1 (50% solution), 2 at 15.5 ° C (73% -70% solution)
Solubility of flaxseed in water: 109 g per 100 ml at 20 ° C
Highly soluble in water, alcohol, glycerin and metinol


Caustic soda (caustic soda) with the scientific name of sodium hydroxide is a chemical substance widely used in industry.
It is an odorless solid, clear white crystal, non-volatile and highly corrosive, which easily absorbs moisture.
When produced with water or neutralized with acid, it produces considerable heat

Profitability characteristics

Sodium flakes have various properties, these characteristics make this widely used material very useful in various industries.
These features include the following:

  • Fat on very strong
  • Neutralizing acidic
  • PH regulator
Perk profit expenses

Caustic soda or caustic soda is used in many different industries due to its properties. The following is a brief list of these industries

In food industry: milk industry, canning, olive sweetening, water purification, chocolate production, cocoa and caramel production, vegetable and fruit washing, beverage production, oil refining, sugar and sugar production.
In metals and plating industries: metal, zinc, aluminum, galvanizing and plating, glass.
In the pharmaceutical industry
In the cosmetics industry
In the alcohol industry
In the battery and acid neutralizing industries
In ceramic tile industry
In the detergent and soap industries
In the paper and carton industries
In the degreasing and degreasing industries
In the textile and leather industries
In the rose industry
In the oil and gas and petrochemical industries
In the chemical industry
In the rayon industry
In laboratories to determine the concentration of acids in experiments
In the adhesive industry
In industries as a disinfectant
Tire resuscitation