The best manufacturer of caustic soda flakes

The best manufacturer of caustic soda flakes

The best manufacturer of caustic soda flakes
The best producer of caustic soda : Arax Chemistry Co. as one of the largest
producer of caustic soda uses the new production line and utilizes the production
of liquid sodium hydroxide in the form of update technology
has been producing this product with membrane electrolyzes and in a perfectly
principled manner.
The company’s activities include the production of solid sodium hydroxide 98% in
triple-layer bags (polyethylene and Polypropylene and a plastic inner layer)
and metal buckets, which are for use in all industries Including the production of
detergents and factories for the production of paper and vegetable oil and dairy products and refineries
And petrochemicals and ……. It is produced.

It acts as an intermediate and reactive process in which many substances,
including solvents, Plastics, Synthetic fibers, Bleaching agents, Adhesives,
Coatings, Inks, Paints, Herbicides and Materials
A drug such as aspirin is produced, used.
Caustic soda is also used in the oil and gas industry, ceramic industry,
the neutralization of acidic water
And cleaning and removing acid compounds from exhaust gases.

Hence, this chemical is one of the most widely used chemicals in the industry.
Important points in this factory is the high quality of the product and the standard
packaging of it.

The Arax Chemical Industry Group has issued a major share of its products to
foreign markets And, in line with national production, supports domestic
consumers and the domestic market This product covers.

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