Why caustic soda?

Why caustic soda?

Why caustic soda?

Why caustic soda? Sodium hydroxide as a highly reactive alkali is widely used in various industries.

Caustic soda has a faster and stronger reactivity than other alkali materials.

This material does not produce adverse effects such as carbon dioxide or other carbonates during chemical processes.

Caustic soda can be used for pulp and paper industry, aluminum production,

Ink-removing waste paper, water purification and disinfectants.

Caustic soda is the primary substance in the production of many chemicals.

This substance is used as an intermediate and reactive process in which
many materials are made up of solvents, plastics, synthetic fibers,
bleaching agents, adhesives, coatings, inks, paints,
herbicides and pharmaceuticals such as aspirin.

Caustic soda is also used for the soap and construction of detergents, oil and gas industries,

The ceramic industry is used to neutralize acidic wastewater and to clean and
remove acidic compounds from exhaust gases.

so, this chemical is one of the most used chemicals in the industry.

Usages of sodium hydroxide

Chemical production:

In the chemical industry, about 40% of the produced caustic soda is used as a
base material for the production of many chemicals.

Detergent and disinfectant products:

Caustic soda is used for the production of soap and detergents with various
household and industrial applications.
Chlorine bleaching solutions (bleaching agents containing chlorine such as sodium
hypochlorite) are obtained from the combination of chlorine and caustic soda.
Tubes that contain caustic soda,
By converting fats and oil materials that have the potential for blockage of pipes
and water and sewage routes,
Water soluble materials prevent blockage of the pipes.

Medical and Pharmaceutical:

Caustic soda in the production of many pharmaceutical and medical substances
from simple painkillers, such as aspirin, to anticoagulants that can prevent blood coagulation and
It is used in steroidal anti-arrhythmic drugs.

pulp and paper production:

Sulfate and sulfite pulp produced by purification of lignin compounds using
multiple units extracted by liquid caustic soda are purified.
Also, in some factories that use the craft process to produce paper,
Liquid sodium hydroxide is used.
In addition to the usages of caustic soda, in the paper industry,
this chemical isThe Initial removal of ink from recycled paper.

cellophane and silk:

The production of fibers using the viscose process requires two main steps needs caustic soda.
Cellulose is used to enhance the strength and shine, resulting in the production
of alkaline cellulose by the liquor of treated liquid,
The resulting cellulose is then dissolved in the diluted liquid extract to produce
viscose material used to extrude silk fibers and cellophane films.

Aluminum extraction:

The use of caustic soda in the aluminum industry is used to dissolve bauxite ore,
which is the primary material for the production of aluminum,
and the deposition of aluminum?
Caustic soda is also used for chemical brushes of aluminum products.

Soap making:

The caustic soda converts fats into water-soluble soaps.
the cloth:
In this industry, caustic soda is used to clean, whiten and enhance the shine
and toughness of the cloth.

Oil production and refining industry:

Caustic Soda as a carbon dioxide absorber in lightweight cuts
As sulfide adsorbent, it is used to purify various oil cuts.
Also, caustic soda along with chlorine for the hypochlorite
sweetening process that is a process for
The removal of various sulfur compounds is applicable.

Sodium carbonate substitute (soda ash):

Caustic soda is used as an alternative to its hydrate in many applications in the glass
paper, pulp, phosphate and silicate industries.

Food Production:

Sodium hydroxide is used in the production and processing of several nutrients.
Such as the use of caustic soda in the processing of olive or in the process of producing woody salty to create brittle.
The fruit is used to separate the peel of potatoes, tomatoes and other fruits for canning.
Also, caustic soda is used to prevent the growth of bacteria and mildew in certain foods and to prevent their corrosion.

Water and Sewage Treatment:

In water and wastewater treatment plants, water utilization is used to control
the acidity of water and help remove heavy metals from water.
Also, the caustic soda is in the production of sodium hypochlorite (bleach),
which is an antiseptic.


The use of caustic soda is used in the production of fuel cells.
In the manufacture of epoxy resins, which are used in wind turbines,
Caustic soda is used.

Nonrenewable fuels:

Caustic soda is used to adjust the pH and produce sodium methyl’s in the
bio-ethanol and biodiesel production process.

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