Aluminum Sulfate

Aluminum Sulfate  Technical feature

Aluminum sulfate Technical Data Sheet

 Technical Data Sheet

Name: Aluminum Sulfate

Commercial Name: Aluminum Sulfate

Chemical Formula: Al2O12S3

Purity: 17 %

Density 2/67 gr/

Similar or Synonym names: Alum, Aluminum Sulfate, Cake Alum and Filter alum.

Molar mass: 342/15 gr.

Appearance: this chemical is in the form of Granule, Crystalized and or powder which solution in water is acidic.


 It is a mineral salt which is the second most used compound of aluminum. And, when it is solved in water, water PH is reduced and it becomes acidic. it has got a great power in coagulation and flocculation of coagulant particles. Appearance is white solid crystal.


It has got a lot various characteristics. These features make this chemical one the most used chemicals in different industries.

 Among these characteristics are as below:

  • Coagulation;
  • Omitting alkali carbon of solution;
  • Omitting colored particles of humic and fulvic

 high effectiveness in Trihalomethanes (THM) compounds


This product is used in many industries regarding its features. Some of them are:

  • Textiles;
  • Water and Sewage treatment;
  • Oil industry for oil and grease purification;
  • As the coagulant for division of all water impurities;
  • Purification of coagulant particles which exist in water as the provider of ions needed;
  • Produce and supply of aluminum resins;
  • Producing and providing other pure aluminum salts;
  • Manufacturing aluminum soaps and gels;
  • Foaming agent;
  • Foaming agent in extinguishers;
  • Canning industry
  • Tanning industry;
  • Manufacturing metals like ZINC;
  • As catalyst for producing Ethan;
  • As water proofing agent in concrete;
  • Textile and cellulose industry;
  • Industrial waters treatment;
  • Chits-making industries;
  • Leather industry.
Aluminum Sulfate
Aluminum Sulfate