Caustic soda in carpet cleaning

caustic soda in carpet cleaning

Caustic soda in carpet cleaning

As one of the decorative and important items in homes and commercial spaces, carpet needs proper care and washing. Maintaining the life and beauty of the carpet depends on the correct washing and cleaning methods. In this article, we examine the use of caustic soda as a powerful cleaner in carpet washing. Carpet washing is very important as a basic process in the preservation and maintenance of carpets. However, one of the challenges in the carpet cleaning industry is caustic soda. Caustic soda is one of the strong chemicals used for deep cleaning and washing of carpets. With its degreasing power, this substance removes stains, dirt and grease in the carpet and helps the carpet to be clean and shiny. However, improper use of caustic soda can cause side effects and damage to carpets. In this article, we discuss the correct use of caustic soda in carpet cleaning

Types of carpets

type of carpets

A carpet is a type of floor covering that is produced by hand or machine.In the following, we discuss several types of carpets:

  • handmade carpet
  • machine woven carpet
  • Carpets for specific areas
  • Industrial carpet
  1. Hand-woven carpet: This type of carpet is produced using a hand-woven machine and professional weavers. Various designs and patterns, including rugs and rugs, are used in these carpets.
  1. Machine carpet: This type of carpet is produced using mechanized weaving machines. Patterns and designs are placed on textile bases by computer software and then woven.


  1. Carpets for specific areas: In some areas, special carpets are made as local art. For example, agate carpet in Iran and Berber carpet in North Africa.
  1. Industrial carpets: carpets that are mass-produced and commercially available and are usually found in markets and wholesale stores.

This description is a summary of the types of carpets and their production methods. Each type of carpet has its own unique characteristics and features, and based on the design, materials used, and production method, they have different prices and quality.

type of carpets

How does caustic soda help in carpet cleaning?

In this part, we will examine the methods of using caustic soda in the carpet development process. The steps of using caustic soda are:

  1. Pre-wash
  2. Preparation of caustic soda solution
  3. Wash again with clean water
  4. Drying

pre wash

At this stage, the carpet is cleaned of dust and surface stains by using a vacuum cleaner and focusing on the contaminated points.

Preparation of caustic soda solution

Preparation of caustic soda solution in carpet washing requires strict adherence to the necessary instructions and precautions. Below, I describe the steps of preparing caustic soda solution in carpet washing:


Preparation of caustic soda solution

1. Personal safety and protection

First of all, make sure that you and other people in the environment are able to observe personal safety and protection. The use of protective gloves, power plant and face mask can be helpful if necessary.

2. Preparation of caustic soda solution

Determine the required amount of caustic soda. Usually, the instructions for carpet cleaning products specify the use of caustic soda.

Fill the water in a carpet washing machine or a suitable container.

Slowly and gradually add caustic soda to the water. Also, based on the product instructions, you can determine the exact amount of caustic soda.

Using a suitable tool (such as a spoon or measure), mix the solution well until the caustic soda is completely dissolved in the water.

3. Using caustic soda solution

Before use, test the caustic soda solution on a small, inconspicuous area of the carpet to ensure it will not adversely affect the color or texture of the carpet.

Using a suitable tool (such as a sponge or a carpet brush), apply the caustic soda solution to the required area of the carpet.

Gently clean the carpet in circular motions. Avoid excessive pressure and rough movements so as not to damage the carpet.

After cleaning, rinse the carpet using plain water to completely remove the caustic soda from the carpet.

Dry the carpet gently. Avoid using dryers or hot dry air, because it may change the shape and texture of the carpet. It is important to know that the use of caustic soda in carpet cleaning requires care and caution.

Again with clean water

After using the caustic soda solution, the carpet is cleaned with water so that the caustic soda is completely removed from the carpet


The carpet is dried using appropriate methods such as proper air conditioning, and the carpet should not be exposed to direct sunlight

Benefits of washing carpet with caustic soda

Important features: Caustic soda has a high dissolving power and can remove stains and even stains that have passed a long time from the carpet, especially when dealing with oil and lead stains.

Disinfectant: Caustic soda has a high antiseptic effect and can remove bacteria and infected microorganisms from the carpet.



Extends the life of carpets: By using caustic soda regularly, you can extend the life of carpets because it causes spots and stains that turn into carpet fibers.

Maintaining the beauty of the carpet: the use of caustic substances such as caustic soda can help maintain the beauty of the carpet and prevent stains and its permanent use.

Does caustic soda have a positive effect on all carpets?

The use of caustic soda on carpets in general may cause problems. Keep in mind that carpets are made of different materials and fibers and their reactions to chemical solutions may vary. Therefore, before using caustic soda on your carpet, it is better to refer to the instructions of the carpet manufacturer or relevant experts.

Additionally, some carpets may be sensitive to alkaline solutions such as baking soda. In case of incorrect or excessive use of caustic soda, the softness and color of the carpet may be damaged or its texture may be affected. Therefore, before using caustic soda, it is recommended to check the brightness of the carpet as well as the specific condition of the carpet.

If you want to wash your carpet using caustic soda, it is better to lighten the carpet first with milder methods such as washing with water and weaker detergents, and if needed, you can increase the amount of caustic soda. Also, to prevent remaining moisture and the growth of fungus and unpleasant odor, you must dry the carpet completely after washing.

In any case, before starting to wash the carpet using caustic soda, it is better to read the recommendations and instructions of the carpet manufacturer and, if possible, consult with the relevant experts.

Is caustic soda used to clean carpet washing machines?

Yes, caustic soda can also be used to clean carpet cleaners. Due to the strong cleaning and solvent properties of caustic soda, it is usually used in the carpet cleaning industry to clean devices and equipment.

Over time, carpet cleaning machines may encounter different types of dirt, oil, grease, and stains. To maintain optimal performance and improve the useful life of these devices, there is a need for periodic and efficient cleaning. In these cases, the use of caustic soda can be used as a strong and efficient cleaning agent to clean and disinfect carpet washing machines.

However, caution should be exercised when using caustic soda to clean carpet cleaning machines. Ensure that caustic soda is used correctly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, after use, the devices are completely dried so that no damage is done to the carpets during the next use.

Carpet washing machine 

final word

Using Caustic soda as a strong cleaner in carpet cleaning can be used in a way to maintain and clean the carpet. The chemical properties of baking soda make it a stain-soluble, high-disinfectant, and strong construction agent. Before use, always read the instructions of the manufacturer of the carpet cleaning product and follow the safety and usage instructions. Also, before using caustic soda on a carpet, it is recommended to consult a professional carpet cleaner for more detailed instructions.

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