Caustic Soda MSDS

MSDS stands for<< Material Safety Data Sheets >> which should be plain and brief also, provided in the official language of the country that is being used.


What is the benefit of MSDS?

When MSDS is provided by your chemical material, it offers needed information for customers. Being aware of the aforementioned material essence can keep the customers safe from hazards of material usage, incorrect transportation, and storage.

Therefore, inserted information of every material in MSDS represents the proper way of using, information like: 

suitable temperature and environment for keeping

needed safety tips in transportation and storage 

dealing with adverse effect in case of danger

The information included on an MSDS

The information included on an MSDS
  • Scientific name
  • CAS registry number 
  • Material description 
  • Chemical name and formula
  • First-aid measures in case of poisoning and accidents
  • Fire-extinguishing procedures  
  • Hazards identification
  • Reducing incidents
  • Storage and handling
  •  Exposure control and personal protection 
  •  Physical and chemical properties 
  •  Stability and reactivity 
  •  Toxicological information 
  • Ecological, environmental information of the substance and information on the waste disposal requirements.
  • Transportation information  
  • Specific regulations for the substance and other information

 These 16 categories are usually the content of all MSDS files, but some necessary categories may add or some redundant ones may be removed according to different countries’ rules and regulations.

What is the difference between MSDS and Safety label ?

The MSDS is moderately different from the safety label, the latter may state the basic and general information about the potential hazards of a particular chemical material while the MSDS includes more comprehensive information.

MSDS can be used as a reference for preparing a safety label.

In general, an MSDS is provided to state the hazards of a product and the safe way of usage.